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Justin Gatenberg

Lead Developer at Virtualitics Inc.

Chris is a talented, well-rounded coder and a dedicated team member. I had the pleasure of working with him on several projects at High Voltage Software where he always produced high quality code and made himself available as a valuable resource for the entire team. With a wide range of skills including UI, gameplay systems, and VR, as well as his ability to mentor junior developers, he would be an asset to any game studio or interactive software company. If given the chance, I would gladly work with Chris again.

Chase de Languillette

Game/UI Developer

Chris is an ideal developer to have on your team. Not only is he a great programmer, but he also has a deep understanding of game design and animation that he pulls from to rise above the pack. 

I often turn to Chris for input whenever I have a game dev or math related problem, and he always delivers - providing solutions that are often clever and surprising. In the years I've worked with him, I've also known him to be extremely dedicated toward his craft, inspiring others towards greatness. 

He is a great example of what a game developer should be - multi-talented, collaborative, dedicated, and passionate. I consider myself quite lucky to have worked with him on a number of projects.

Elizabeth Towns

Developer at High Voltage Software

Chris is a very reliable programmer and often goes above and beyond what a task requires of him. Any feature implemented by Chris is well written and easy to use or build upon. I truly enjoy working with him.

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David Pellas

Studio Director, Art and Design at Raven Software

Chris is a brilliant programmer who truly understands the craft of game development. His creativity and attention to detail made him a terrific partner to the Designers and his pursuit of excellent gameplay experiences frequently resulted in better games and a better development environment for the whole team.

Micah Skaritka

Lead Designer at High Voltage Software

I have worked with Chris on multiple projects, and have always been surprised by his thoughtful implementation of my designs. He plays more games than anyone I know, and brings that experience to his coding. I know that if I missed an edge-case, or if there is just a better idea for the current design, Chris will find it. He is the most design-orientated programmer I know, and coupled with his passion for games, I know that whatever systems he is working on, they will be crafted with care and experience. I always get excited when I find out that Chris is supporting one of my projects!

Bob Chamot

Game Designer

Chris has proved to be a reliable asset to the team on the multiple projects where I've worked with him, particularly in user interface programming and gameplay programming. He's an experienced gamer as well as game developer. He'll offer his helpful, thoughtful insights on a game's design, often catching something that others haven't.

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Cliff Westfall

Artist at High Voltage Software

Chris and I have been coworkers for many years now, but I really began to get to know him a few years ago on a project where we worked closely together on VFX implementation. During that time, I mentioned to him that I wanted to learn to script. He obliged and for about a year he a sacrificed a lunch hour each week to give me scripting lessons. Thanks to Chris, I have become more self-sufficient as a VFX artist than I could have ever hoped. During our lessons I quickly came to realize how incredibly knowledgeable and passionate he is on the subjects of programming and math. I also noticed how he stresses approaching code in the most efficient, direct, legible way possible and making systems than can grow with the needs of the project. I realized, too, his amazing ability to cut to the chase. He is very direct and can communicate well with other disciplines, notably artists. Chris’s knowledge, passion, and generosity make him a valuable asset to any team.

Amber Holkenbrink

UI (VR) Video Game Artist at High Voltage Software

Chris and I have worked together for nearly 7 years, during that time I have discovered that Chris is not only a fantastic programmer to work with but an encyclopedia of gaming knowledge. I owe my passion for great UI design to the time we spent working together. It has been an amazing experience to work with a programmer who will go the extra mile to ensure that the artistic vision is a priority on the project. When inevitable project changes or bugs arise Chris takes the challenges in stride and is great at communicating his vision for a solution and open to the input of others.

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Susan Ratzsch

Producer at Springthrough

As Producer at High Voltage Software, I worked on many projects with Chris. 
Chris was invaluable on each and every one. 

From the beginning of each project life-cycle, Chris was an essential resource, able to provide accurate time estimations on vital feature tasking, but more impressively, he was able to deliver inside of those estimates with strong status communication to not only the team and leads, but also production and directors. Chis is uniquely able to work with all department team members, whether creative or technical, seamlessly communicating needs and dependencies. Not and easy feat for some devs! 

Chris is collaborative and works tirelessly to bring life to the teams’ vision, providing useful insights, creative problem solving, and detailing any potential risks. When entering difficult end-of-project crunch times, Chris’s dedication to the project and team really shines. Chris’s technical prowess is a welcomed addition to any team. It was truly a pleasure working with Chris and he would be an asset to any company.

Bob Mackey

Games Journalist and Podcaster at Retronauts and Talking Simpsons

Chris is an amazingly insightful individual who brings out the best in everyone around him. I've been proud to call him both a friend and a colleague for these past eight years.

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