Samples from this project can be found on the Samples page.

Vehicle Movement

Created a unique movement system for controlling a cartoony 2 tank with tread based movement.

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in development Indie Runner Game made in Unreal Engine 4 

2 member team: me (design/dev/audio) and Nick Daniel (art)


My Contribution:
  • Game Design

  • All Programming

  • SFX


Outstanding Implementations:

Tank runner

(mobile, PC)


Current Projects

VR card/strategy game featuring an original IP

My Contribution:
  • Single Player and Daily Login Rewards (client, matchmaking server, and database implementation)

  • CERT error detection and messages

  • After Action Report UI

  • Fixed bugs related to Gameplay Rules and Game Visuals

Dragon Front

(pc- oculus rift, gear vr, facebook)

This is a small collection of the over 20+ games I have worked on (the full list is on my resume.)

Damaged Core E3 2015

Converted Saint's Row AI to stealth AI

The Saint’s Row games have an AI system geared towards madness; it is designed to allow characters to do a wide range of actions at any moment that often result in all civilians running around screaming while all enemies agro. I clamped down the random craziness, give the enemies vastly limited senses, make enemy reactions predictable and clearly communicate what the enemy is thinking at all times.

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Original IP sniping/hacking game for VR


My Contribution:
  • AI

  • Weapons

  • Full implementation of the flying gunboat enemy the Valkyrie

  • Game Rules​

Damaged core e3 2015

(pc- oculus rift)

Outstanding Implementations:​​

Torment Fraud

Fraud has been a mini-game in Saint’s Row since the first game, but for Saint’s Row Gat out of Hell I was given wide latitude to update the game for the more extreme environment and gameplay of this super-powered sequel. I achieved this by adding more airtime (through decreased terminal velocity, converting horizontal impact momentum to upward thrust, increasing air control, and adding special vehicles that act extra bouncy) and by adding a Fever mode where simply touching a car causes it to explode.

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Original game in the Saint’s Row series that upped the in game craziness to 11


My Contribution:
  • Implemented Minigames:

    • Torment Fraud

    • Hell Salvation

    • Head Hunter

    • Demonic Altars

    • Revenge Diversion

    • Comet Diversion

  • Stat Tracking

  • Achievements

  • Specialized Hell Vehicles

  • Bug fixing various other systems

Outstanding Implementations:​​​

saint's row: gat out of hell

(ps3, ps4, xb1)

Unfinished Indie Card Game

3 member team: me (design/dev), Chase de Languillette (design/dev), and Nick Daniel (art)


Project abandoned because of performance issues with the engine (Flash AS3.0)


My Contribution:
  • Game Rule Implementation

  • Collaborated on Game Design

  • In-game Animations, Cinematography, and Parallax

  • AI

  • Frontend Menus

Outstanding Implementations:

Card Game Rules

I implemented all of the game rules using a simple deterministic instruction system that made networking, anti-cheating and replays simple to implement.



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fighting words!


PS4 port (from PS3) for AAA fighting game based on DC Comic heroes
My Contribution:
  • Stat Tracking

  • Network Integration (non-gameplay)

  • Leaderboards

  • PS4 Online Features (player small storage, achievements, and online tweak variables)

  • UI Implementation


mortal kombat komplete edition


PC port (from Xbox 360/PS3) for the AAA fighting game in the Mortal Kombat series
My Contribution:
  • UI implementation (including scaling for variable screen sizes and icons for a wide range of input devices)

  • Controller input for keyboards and non-standard computer controllers


A Kinect/Move remake of a Wii shooting gallery game based on the Pixar Toy Story series


My Contribution:
  • UI Implementation

  • Kinect Skeletal Tracking and Management

  • Save System

  • Game Flow

  • Stat Tracking

Outstanding Implementations:​​

Kinect Cursor Movement

While it seems seamless there is a lot of under the hood. 

  1. The cursor hand is picked based on which hand is higher, but the current cursor hand is given a height boost so that the game doesn't flicker between cursor hands.

  2. The cursor lags behind the player's real hand, and it uses a cubic formula to speed up/slow down the cursor based on how quickly the player moves. This eliminates noise in the data and produces clear snappy movement.

  3. The buttons have "gravity" when the player rolls over them their target cursor position smoothly gravitates to the center of the button, making it clear where the player's focus is.

  4. When buttons are rolled over their hitbox grows slightly making it difficult to fall off of a button unintentionally

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toy story mania

(XB360 kinect, ps3 move)

Sequel to the Wii cult classic first person shooter


My Contribution:
  • Full implementation of every aspect of the UI

  • Designed a couple multiplayer game modes

Full UI implementation

Engineered, implemented, and integrated into the game every UI element, screen, overlay, and CERT message.

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conduit 2


Outstanding Implementations:​​​​​

Fully Designed, Prototyped, and Implemented Several Weapons

  1. Spread Gun: Half Contra Spread Gun, half Dead Space Line gun. Used for clearing large groups of enemies

  2. Land Shark: Designed to hit enemies hiding behind cover this weapon climbs over any terrain in a straight line and blows up when near proximity of the enemy

  3. Flak Cannon: Made a replace as a cheaper alternative to an over-powered, rapid-fire shotgun this weapon uses hit-scanning with proximity detection to create a weapon ideal for taking out hordes of flying enemies with minimal impact on performance.

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Original IP first person shooting/hacking game for VR

My Contribution:
  • Weapons / Health Management

  • Stat Tracking

  • Achievements

  • A variety of gameplay props and minor systems

  • Frontend Menu

  • CERT

Outstanding Implementations:​​​​

Damaged core

(pc- oculus rift)

Previous Projects


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